Back in the US

Today is the first day I feel like I have caught up to the time zone I live in. There’s a seven hour difference between here and there. They say it takes one day for each hour of time difference. So that almost puts me on track. It’s taken me a bit longer due to the long trip back through London and being up twenty-six hours straight, with the exception of a couple of cat naps on the plane. I actually like Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport because the ceilings are high, there’s lots of light, plenty of shopping and food, plus it seems like the entire world is passing through at the same time. The weather that day reminded me of New England, some rain and sun at the same time. Here’s the plane I flew home on, it just happened to be at the beginning of a long corridor and there was a floor to ceiling glass wall perfect for viewing. But, I’m not done with posting about Greece even though I am back in NY. More Paros to come in the next few days.


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