The sunsets in Greece are the most incredible you can imagine. Everyone enjoys taking a picture of the sunset over the sea, and for good reason. It’s magic. But, there is something that happens inside, and you don’t want to miss it. Here is the old farmhouse on Hydra which I rented a number of years after my first time to the island. The house has three foot thick walls, old wide plank wood floors, an ancient kitchen, various terraces, and it was over 400 steps up from the main port. An island with no cars, and 400 steps up and down everyday just for a swim, and back down for a dinner at one of the many tavernas. I was in great shape then. Getting back to sunsets, the upstairs of the house had the main bedroom, a sitting room and a terrace. This picture is the sun coming in late afternoon just before sunset in the upstairs sitting room. The door to the terrace is open, throwing light on the chair. It is magic. I will never forget that place. It was a piece of the old Greece that barely exists anymore.

Hydra farmhouse

Credit to Kodachrome for the richness of color. This is one of the old 35mm slides I scanned.


  1. This would make a fabulous painting with the light streaming into the window. Would love to see your painting of this scene.


  2. I can feel the warmth and romantic calm of the room. You are absolutely right … the sunset in Greece is captivating regardless of where you find it… but perhaps even more so in the hidden little gems that no one knows about. Thank you for sharing. =)


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