Briam or Greek Ratatouille

Today is the beginning of the first summer holiday weekend in the US, Memorial Day. But instead of warm and sunny, it is 45F or 7C, rainy and windy, a total washout so far. Even the dog wants to stay inside. It’s been like this for a couple of days now, since the hail storm we had on Tuesday. So what better to do – back to scanning my old photos of Greek summers. Here is a corner of the kitchen in the old farmhouse I rented on Hydra many years ago. Believe it or not, most of it functioned, except the sink drain was clogged the first time I rented in September. By the following year, the drain had been cleared and I was back again, but this time in June, before other renters would clog it up again over the course of the summer. One weekend my friends Irini, Katingo and Karolos visited from Athens. We had a great time walking around Hydra. We had done a lot of  tai chi together in Athens, and for Irini, Hydra was like doing tai chi just walking around. One day I decided to make us a big dish of Ratatouille with all the fresh veggies we got at the port. Nothing better than Greek zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant and making ratatouille in the Mediterranean itself, as opposed to Brooklyn, where I lived at the time. It is a wonderful summer dish. Today is a ratatouille day, but this time in Kinderhook with the freshest veggies I can find here. The Greek version is called Briam, just google “Greek Briam” and you will find a lot of recipes. Today I am making the Briam version you bake in the oven, the best way to cook when it is cold, windy and raining outside. Below are the photos: the kitchen, the terrace where I did the dishes with the garden hose, and the view to the port while doing the dishes, which wasn’t bad. To my friends here in the US, I hope your Memorial Day weekend is a good one. To my friends in the Mediterranean, enjoy being outside and maybe at the beach this weekend.

Hydra kitchen

Hydra dishes

Hydra view


  1. I am going to try the Briam. I like simple and good. I like local foods. I plant a vegetable garden every year. This will be the year of the Briam!
    Della Fera


  2. You are a beautiful writer and photographer. I am looking forward to a book written by you in the future. Have a great Memorial Day.


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