France by bike

I went to London the end of July, and soon after, on my first motorcycle road trip. So what’s this doing on my blog about Greece? Well the bike belongs to a Greek friend who I met on Paros many years ago. The most anxiety about the trip was my motorcycle gear, since I had nothing and no experience with this type of apparel. Some of it I got in the US, and some gear I got in London, like my helmet. Day one, we rode to Dover, UK, then the ferry to Calais, France, and onto Honfleur. Honfleur is a beautiful seaside village oozing charm. Next day to Dinard, another gorgeous town on the sea. By day two I realize that I miss the sea up here in the Hudson Valley. Day three to La Rochelle, France and loved it enough to stay three nights. The city, again on the Atlantic, is beautiful, historic and a fun place for an August holiday. Île de Ré, right off the coast of La Rochelle is a summer, beach island with a few small villages. Each one more beautiful than the next. Wish I could have stayed there longer. Day six, the longest riding day, from La Rochelle all the way back to Gravesend, via the ferry from Dover, with a stop in Le Mans at the incredible museum at Le circuit des 24 Heures and a gas stop in Rouen, a beautiful city. Six days of riding, 1,400 miles, one day off as tourists on foot in La Rochelle. To anyone thinking about doing a trip like this, you need to totally trust the driver and their experience, the bike and yourself – that you can do this. Then have a great time. 20130824-165120.jpg

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