Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice that originally was a martial art. It’s also a form of meditation, has terrific health benefits, and a great exercise for balance, breathing and peace of mind. I try to practice every day, but sometimes skip days when a lot is going on. Although, that’s probably when it would benefit me the most. The form I follow is Chen Man Ching, and known worldwide. So to get ready for the bike trip to France, I did extra tai chi and yoga. Once on the road the days were pretty full, and I did not have a chance to practice until we got to La Rochelle and took the day off from biking and were on foot. Early evening, around sunset, we walked down the pier towards a boat yard, the space opened up, had no cafes, or vendors and was quite peaceful. I got the message from the universe – perfect place to do tai chi, here and now. So I decided yes. I faced north and started the practice. On move two, you turn to the right. I see four people walking towards me, stopped in their tracks to watch. I said “Tai Chi”. Two of the four joined me, totally to my surprise, and we did the entire form together. They were great tai chi partners and followed my pace. What magic. What karma. What an unexpected surprise. At the end we all smiled, shook hands and I asked where they were from. Burgundy, about an hour south of La Rochelle. When I told them I was from New York, it was a WOW look from them. Sometimes things just happen like magic, sometimes I believe there is a reason. Tai Chi can be magic, so practice anywhere you feel like and see what happens. Here I am after practicing. I was able to get a quick shot of them as they walked away. The woman on the far left, and the man on the right were the ones who joined me.



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