Yesterday I got Delta flight #132 from JFK to Athens. The flight left at 4:12pm and arrived in Athens nine hours later, a record-breaking nine hours, usually it is ten. This made it easy to connect to Paros at 11:40am and half an hour later, Pat picked me up at the Paros airport and we drove to her Sea View Hotel in Drios. The sky was exceptionally clear yesterday. Flying over Greece was beautiful. The mountains of the Peloponnese were so defined, you felt like you could touch them. Seeing this from the air makes you forget all the crap going on in the world. The reflections and light over the Aegean were spectacular. Sort of like the sky and sunsets that Frederick Church and Thomas Cole painted of Hudson River valley. If I didn’t live there, I would not have thought those colors and light were for real, until I have actually seen them from time to time. Here’s a quick snapshot I got from the car. There is wind, and everything is clear. Today is the same, so time to take a ride around the island in my orange pumpkin of a car.



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  1. Tai chi in France, the beach in Greece, the light in the Hudson Valley. Everyone needs to be open to gifts like these so that we can avoid getting slimed by the negative energy in the world. You have to go looking for the positives and wrap yourself up in them before the negatives come and find you and attach like sand burrs. Even if it is a trip to the corner deli. Take a risk. Be open. Be grateful.


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