Carry-on versus Checked Luggage

After decades of going to Greece, you would think I had the packing down to a science! So this year, I decide to go with a carry-on duffle style bag and no checked luggage. I used the carryon bag coming back from London in August and basically it held my motor cycle helmet and not much else. In spite of its smaller size, it actually holds a lot of clothes. Even Olympic Air’s small plane to Paros let me carry it on. In addition, I mail a box of give-away clothes, beach towel and beach bag ahead of time. As usual, I buy a few things, mail some things home, and leave my beach towel at Pat’s hotel for my next visit. But this time the carry on bag weighed a ton when I left Paros. To make a long story short, when lifting it up the ramp onto the Blue Star ferry, rip, there goes the handle attached to one side. Ok, I can at least use the wheels and pull it. But, lifting the thing is now impossible and when John T., a favorite taxi driver of Famous George, meets me in Pireaus, it’s “oh boy, what happened to the bag”. When I got to my hotel, I googled luggage in Glyfada and found Bag Stories. I guess every bag has a story and that’s where the name comes from. They also have a shop at Athens Airport, open long hours for such luggage mishaps. Today my friend Irini picked me up and we went to Bag Stories, and it’s a terrific shop. I brought the torn bag with me and we compared sizes. In the end I got a larger bag, on sale, good price, not carry on, but not too big, light as a feather – I guess hi-tech materials – and I don’t have to deal with lifting into an overhead bin. So, this bag I’m checking in. As I have said in the past, next time I go to Greece, I’m bringing almost nothing and I will be fine because I always find great and interesting things here. We’ll see. In the mean time, here’s my new, bright red bag, easy to spot on the conveyor belt.


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