A Bougainvillea Tree on Paros

I know there is a lot of press in the last few days about the crackdown of the neo-nazi party in Greece, and I am avoiding writing about that. But there is something I have been thinking about that needs to go on this blog, and just haven’t gotten to it, jet lag, catching up around here, etc, have prevented me from putting anything up on Yiasou since I got back. But this keeps swirling around in my mind. Why would someone kill a tree so beautiful as this white bougainvillea? What are people thinking? About a week before leaving the island, I went to the main port of Parikia to do some shopping. At the beginning of Market Street, at Yria Studio shop, is a beautiful white bougainvillea tree. I remember it for many years now. It’s covered with strings and notes attached. It looks dried out. Apparently, it had been vandalized. From what I heard, someone cut the trunk, badly, in the middle of the night, with a chain saw. If it survives, it will take years to grow back to the incredible tree it was. The outpouring of love for the tree, and hate for the person(s) who did this is obvious with the notes, in many languages. There is a black ribbon around the trunk, and white cloth around the cut, and many notes with sympathy for the tree, and bad karma for the person who did this. So sad, and so hard to believe. Image Image Image Image

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