Taverna Chairs

Taverna chairs. They are the best. They seem to last forever, are practical, and can be painted any color or left natural. They may not look that comfortable, but they are. You can sit for hours on the rush seats. The cross braces at the legs make them sturdy and give you a place to prop your feet. Wish I could get some of these in New York. I’m looking, but no luck yet. It’s December and grey and cold out. This is when I miss Greece the most. There’s a restaurant in NYC called Kefi and they have these chairs. I may need to go there soon…

Chairs Drios

Chairs Naoussa

Chairs Lefkes

Chairs Aliki

Chairs Naoussa 2

Chairs Parokia

Chairs Koufonissi


Chairs Antiparos



  1. Pretty impressive layout, color scheme, and psychological /emotional slant of the chairs. I am reading “Bad Boy : Eric Fischl”
    Lots of his paintings are inspired by the collage of photographs and emotional content.


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