A New Year

2013 brought new experiences, travels, and a gained knowledge of myself. I was on Paros again this year, and each time I find something new, not just about the island, but about me. In Greece I get in touch with myself. Something I may not have dealt with comes to the forefront. I don’t know why this happens so easily in Greece. I quote my yoga teacher, who says, “It is what it is.”  Whatever it is, or however it is, it works for me. Away from home, and living from a suitcase. Not many choices about what to wear, or what to do around the house today or procrastinating about weeding the garden. It gives me room to expand without a plan, without the normal responsibilities. I come back home changed, maybe not much, but small steps matter. Maybe I find a truth, or I find a question. Maybe I find the answer to a question that’s been bothering me for months. It could be the energy in the rocks, or the sea that hypnotizes you when you sit at the beach, or cleanses you when you float suspended in time. It’s like tai chi, yoga, or meditation day after day. If you practice, you clear out your mind. Then, let in the positive thoughts, solutions, and energy. Not unlike ending one year and starting the new year with clear ideas and plans. So, Happy New Year, and remember, “It is what it is.”

Blue sea


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