Athens, 1973

My first trip to Greece, I flew on Olympic Airlines inaugural flight #411 from New York to Athens. It was a Boeing 747, the first from New York to Athens. The occasion was highly publicized in the USA, with a “Dancing in the Aisles” advertising campaign. My Dad treated me to the ticket and I remember him being so excited to be able to book me on that flight. They gave out a lot of memorabilia. It was a long, pleasant flight on a huge plane, and of course when we landed, there was applause that went on forever. I always enjoyed the applause when landing in Athens, but I’ve noticed over the past few years, it doesn’t happen very much anymore. I wish it still did. Now passengers are too busy turning the mobile phones off Airplane mode and checking email. After all, it’s been 10 hours. 1973 Olympic Air JFK to ATH      


  1. Wow! What a great memory to be on the maiden flight from New York to Athens plus the thrill of having your dad witness that voyage.


  2. The first time I went to Greece in 1968, I was 18, it was my first flight and I went with my mother on a TWA charter flight. As we were getting ready to make our approach to Athens the pilot said we should look out the windows, the water was clear blue, and we flew over The Acropolis, what a view. Now they don’t fly over the Acropolis nor are the jets near as comfortable.


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