Getting to Athens

Skyscanner is a great tool for searching flights to Greece. Ever since I moved to the Hudson Valley in New York State, it’s been a challenge to get to Athens, or anywhere abroad, efficiently. When I lived in Brooklyn, it was just a taxi ride to JFK, and many flight choices. Now I’m on the lookout for flights out of Albany, NY to cities with good connections to Athens. Alternately, I can take a two hour train to NYC, then a taxi to JFK, which adds a lot of time and expense to the trip. This year, I found a solution. US Airways. Albany to Philadelphia, and a US Airways direct flight from Philadelphia to Athens, which they have for the summer season. I can avoid schlepping my bag on and off the train, getting a cab at Penn Station, and having to wait on the long line at JFK to check in. If you haven’t flown out of JFK lately, I can say all the lines are very long. Last year I did, with Delta, and I was jet lagged by the time I boarded the plane. Of course, as soon as we land in Athens, all the travel anxiety and hours of transit are erased. If connections work out, maybe a flight to the islands. Otherwise, it’s an overnight in Athens and ferry to the islands. Olympic to Paros YPireaus

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