I had heard about the Little Cyclades for a number years and finally went to Koufonisia for a few days in September 2010. It’s a little gem in the sea. The atmosphere is relaxed. There are no noisy scooters, or many cars for that matter. It’s a great walking island. Pori beach, the most famous of the island, is beautiful. You can walk there or go by small boat around the island and swim in the clearest water I have seen in all of Greece. When I was there, none of the beaches had umbrellas or chaises, so the beach feels natural. The main village has a wonderful beach which ropes off a large area for swimmers. Everything about Koufonisia feels comfortable, friendly and welcoming. A great place to discover a rhythm in the days that you don’t feel on a busy island. I’m looking forward to going back soon.Kou Village Yia Kou View Yia Kou Cafe Yia Kou Tree Yia Koufonissia Beach 2 Yia Kou Boats Yia Kou Boats to Beach Yia Kou Pori Beach YiaKou Windmill Villa Yia

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