When you’ve been going to Greece for many years, and you keep envelopes of old receipts, someday you get to a point where it’s time to clear out and refresh. So, since it’s winter in NY and 16 degrees F, it’s time start the winter clearing. I never would have remembered that I stayed at the Herodion Hotel in Athens in 1985 unless I had kept my foreign exchange receipts for US$ to GR Drachma. The rate then was about 130Dr to 1$.  It also brought back the memory of the 16 hour ferry trip, in gale force winds, from Santorini to Athens. I arrived at the Herodion at 3am, looking like a weary sea creature. Sea traffic was closed that day, it was too dangerous to leave port, but we got there! Also, Corfu and Paxi were islands I visited in 1985. And somewhere on Corfu was a shoe shop that I must have loved!


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